Things gay travelers should appreciate about Southeast Asia


High level of acceptance and tolerance towards gay people – particularly visitors

The number of instances of discrimination against LGBT people, solely for being LGBT, is so low in these cultures that there is simply no need for them. That is true acceptance, or at the very least tolerance. It is true that being gay in Singapore is officially illegal but that law has never been used in very long period. There are tendencies to harden government stance towards gay population in Indonesia but general population (particularly in parts of country frequently visited by foreigners) is friendly and tolerant.

All Southeast Asia countries have an established gay scene

Outside of Bangkok that gay scene may not be the ‘in your face, wrapped in the gay pride flag’ type of scene you expect in the west. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not present and that it is not accepted. I’ve been to gay bars throughout Thailand, Laos and Cambodia, in addition to gay nights at bars in Burma (where the scene is just developing). I’ve heard about some awesome gay places in Vietnam, which I’m excited to check out. And these aren’t little hidey-holes, with no signage and a secret handshake to get in. They’re out there for everyone to see.


Cultural and Historical sites and monuments

Needless to say that Angkor Wat and Siem Reap have been on the very top of popular destination on TripAdvisor for several years now. Old Thai, Khmer and Malay culture and monuments mixed with the remnants of colonial era.

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From hot Thai to mild Vietnamese and Khmer cuisine. Great variety of food and venues – from street food vendors to some very classy world renown restaurants.




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