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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Susday viewers!  OMG a big orkun charran to you all.  My 3rd blog and I’ve gone viral!  Thankfully strong prescription drugs are readily available over the counter here – another reason to love Cambodia.  Seriously though how fabulous to see so much interest in little ol’ moi’s blog.  Keep watching viewers – more sizzling stuff to come.

God it’s been so hot and humid in Siem Reap this week and not a drop of rain to be had.  Thankfully we have found a fabulous new gay bar to chill out in and in between I have been relaxing in the jacuzzi with a lovely friend of mine.  Basically getting hot while keeping cool.  Another good week at River Queen with an array of wonderful guests.  Currently we have two gorgeous Swiss boys staying. I’ve always had a fascination for the Swiss.  Handsome boys in shorts with those pretty little embroidered suspenders and those big long things they blow. Not to mention the cheese!  Lucky Heidi!

So the new gay bar.  FABULOUS!  EI8HTBAR.  Only opened recently and so cool we have been 3 times already this week.  Across the road from Eight Rooms guesthouse (another great place to stay) in a quiet street away from the crowds where you can cruise discreetly while enjoying good priced drinks and gorgeous bar boys.  It’s only small but great atmosphere and tasteful decor.  The garden courtyard is well shaded and just the place to escape from the heat.  Open everyday (except Monday) from 5pm till late it’s already attracting a crowd and I’m sure when they open their rooftop cruising bar in a week or two it will be a real hit.  Local boys will love it….close to the action but well hidden and discreet.  For us barang queens it’s heaven.  The bar is staffed with handsome, young virile men and not a girly money boy in sight.  Even better is happy hour.  Every night from 5pm – 8pm with a two for one offer.  Fabulous news for budget conscious alcoholics like myself (only joking viewers).

It hasn’t been all good though this week.  The cable TV company has apparently been doing an upgrade and viewing has been drastically altered.  We even had one day with only one channel – Vietnamese TV (fascinating I’m sure if you understand vietnamese).  Our permanent guest went ballistic, ringing the cable company with a string of expletives which had our khmer manager blushing and trying to hide under the reception counter.  Thankfully after almost a week of mongolian sheep herding movies things seem to be getting back to normal and he’s calmed down no longer hating Cambodia.

Where else to go out in Cambodia?  The best scene after Siem Reap is definitely to be found in Phnom Phen with places like Blue Chilli, Rainbow and Pontoon (selected nights only).  I’ve only been to Blue Chilli and probably not enough to comment – but a cosy little bar with drag shows and a ready supply of boys to pick up.  I did hit Pontoon once but not on their gay night.  However a good dance floor with great music.  If your heading to Sihanoukville then you won’t go short of a willing boy.  B-Zone is a new gay bar there but last visit in June I didn’t get to it – maybe one of you fabulous viewers has and can send me some comments?  I didn’t even make it past Serendipity beach.  First night got hit on by one of the beach sellers.  We met up later with two of his gorgeous young friends and did dinner then a local club (dead quiet and boring) before venturing back to the beach front and dancing the night away.  Being the sensible queen that I am I wisely refrained from inviting them all back to my room.  Two reasons.  1.  I am afraid of sharks (and there are more out of the water than in in Sihanoukville and, 2. My hotel room did not have a combination safe – something you should all consider when booking accommodation here (sad but true).

However not a lost night.  I ended up back in the room around 3.30 am and continued raging to Channel V until sunrise.  A refreshing shower and then a lovely early morning walk up the hill and back around to the beach.  Found a great little food shack with a french owner (can’t remember the name) who made some of the best coffee I have tasted in Cambodia.  I ordered a double cappuccino and while waiting hit the water for a swim.  Coming out (think Ursula Andress in her opening scene in Dr No and you’ve got the picture:) ), and I was accosted by a gorgeous young man offering to shine  or mend my shoes!?  Twenty something, slim, dark golden skin with a bulging chest and tool kit.  All very calypso.  I was devastated!  I was wearing blue rubber flip flops in perfect condition with absolutely no need for shining.  After thanking him for his offer I headed back for the delicious cappuccino and a chance to close my eyes and come down a little.  He came back after about 5 minutes helped himself to a beach chair next to me and said that besides shoe shine and repairs he also offered massage boom boom.  Being a definite admirer of multi skilling and always keen to help the local economy I was able to avail him of his services….no juicy details viewers but decidedly time and a little money well spent.  Didn’t get to see the beach much that day but a lot of oil got rubbed in anyway.

Once again a big thank you viewers and keep those hits coming.  Next Friday my partner and I are both celebrating our birthday (we were born on the same day believe it or not).  I will be 21 (again) and he will be quite a bit older (sorry honey).  But I always say you are only as old as the young man your feeling and thankfully there are a lot of willing young men here to share feelings with.  Can’t promise but will try and fill you in on the fun and frivolity I am sure will be happening.

So until next time stay happy and like me – be gorgeous!



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