Duran flavored condoms – A thing in South East Asia


Written by Saigoneer

It was bound to happen sooner or later: durian, one of the world’s most divisive fruits, is making an appearance in bedrooms throughout Southeast Asia.

The contentious fruit, whose odor Julia Child so eloquently described as “dead babies mixed with strawberries and Camembert”, has now entered the bedroom in the form of a fruit-flavored contraceptive, thanks to a slew of intrepid regional condom companies.

Recently, a Bangkok-based manufacturer announced that it’s primed to unleash a line of durian-flavored condoms upon the region. The firm hopes that its new product can gain popularity in local markets where the fruit’s strong flavor profile is well-known, reports the Asian Correspondent, citing regional news sources.

A company spokesman told the press that production of the product is underway and expectations of success are high.

Malaysia’s ONE Condom released their own rendition this week with flamboyant packaging to catch the attention of shoppers at local 7-Elevens, AEON Wellness outlets and Guardian pharmacies.

A similar scheme was unveiled by Karex Bhd, Malaysia’s leading condom manufacturer in 2013, The company shelled out RM4 million (USD$977,040) on the new line, that also included a Pina Colada option, according to the Malay Mail.

Given the love or hate relationship people have with durian, if you plan to incorporate its essence into your love-making routine, it’s probably a good idea to give your partner a heads up.



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