LGBT Serbia – First openly lesbian minister in new Serbian government


Prime Minister of Serbia said that he knew that the future Minister for State Administration and Local Self-Management Ana Brnabic is lesbian but her private sexual preferences are her private business and not of his concerns. He said that he is only interested in professional abilities of his ministers and that Ana Brnabic is welcome to his Cabinet.

“We have talked about it, she does not hide it and she is very proud of it. She wanted to make sure I know and said she would understand if I don’t assign ministerial position to her. I said that I am interested in her performance only and will be excited to work with her” said PM of Serbia at press conference after announcing names of ministers to serve at the new Cabinet.

He added he was “happy to work with someone like Brnabic” and that she a spotless business resume.

“If you can tell me something bad about her professional resume, tell me. I’m only interested in what her result will be in the difficult job ahead of her,” the PM-designate continued.

Vucic underlined that Brnabic “worked the most” on behalf of NALED Serbia – the National Alliance for Local Economic Development – in order to improve Serbia’s position in World Bank’s Doing Business list.

“The woman has exceptional energy and I am very much looking forward to working with her,” he said.

Vucic’s new cabinet should be presented in the National Assembly on Tuesday; however, it is already known that it will have six new ministers compared to the current, caretaker government.

Serbia has vowed to strengthen the rights of the LGBT population in traditionally conservative society. Ana Brnabic is first ever openly lesbian to be elected for a member of the parliament.

Gay Serbia - Gay-Straight Alliance - Brnabic

Gay Serbia - Gay Pride Belgrade

Gay Serbia - first gay minister in government


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