LGBT Indonesia – LGBT community most disliked by Indonesian Muslims: Survey


Hans Nicholas Jong

The Jakarta Post

The lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community is the minority group most disliked by Muslim people in Indonesia, according to a survey conducted by the Indonesian Survey Institute and Wahid Foundation.

The survey involved 1,520 respondents across all of the country’s 34 provinces.

All of the respondents were Muslims, who account for almost 90 percent of the country’s population, and were over the age of 17 and/or married. The survey used a random sampling method with a 2.6 percent margin of error.

The survey found that only 38.7 percent of respondents did not harbor any dislike toward other groups. The rest admitted to disliking some groups, such as 26.1 percent who said they disliked LGBT people. Other disliked groups included communists (16.7 percent) and Jews (10.6 percent).

“When confronted with groups of people that they dislike, Muslims in Indonesia tend to be more intolerant to the extent of not wanting to have them as neighbors or have them teach their children,” Wahid Foundation researcher Aryo Ardi Nugroho told The Jakarta Post.

Respondents said also cited disliking Christians (2.2 percent), Shiites (1.3 percent), Wahhabis (0.5 percent), Buddhists (0.4 percent) and Chinese-Indonesians (0.4 percent).

Wahhabis are a group adhering to strictly orthodox Sunni Islam, who advocate for a return to early Islamic traditions and are predominantly based in Saudi Arabia.

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