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After some years driving from Vienna down south towards Greece. Itinerary is very simple – first stop in Zagreb (capital city of Croatia) then in Belgrade (capital of Serbia) to check out on claims of being nightlife capital of Europe or at least Central and South-Eastern Europe, and then finally to Athens for short rest before flying back to Bangkok. I have made similar trip through this area before but quite some time ago. It was not particularly gay friendly area but I would not describe it as hostile – as long as one was street-wise. I was really curious to see has anything changed since my last trip. Generally I rarely stay in specialised gay hotels when travelling but I regularly enjoy some fun in local gay venues as restaurants, clubs and bars.

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Trip from Vienna to Zagreb was not too long and I went out the same evening after some good rest and dinner in hotel located in central part of the town. My search on Internet did not produce particularly many choices in Zagreb and I picked one that was sort of walking distance from my hotel. I arrived to the club sort of early for that sort of venue – around 11 pm but it was pretty busy already. I have ordered drink at the bar and then found a spot with good view over dance floor and surrounding area. There were not many people on the dance floor at that time. The crowd was pretty mixed and right next to me was small group of young locals talking loudly and laughing. Later on some of them went on the dance floor and only one stayed. I looked at him and we made eye contact after a while. I got short smile and that was enough to take it as an invitation so I approached him and asked if he speaks English and if I can join him. He could say several words in English but with great difficulty so we could not have much of a conversation particularly not in this sort of noisy environment. However, soon after his mobile phone rang and he answered the call. Conversation was short and he explained to me that he has to go. Well, that is my luck I thought. We shook hands and he left after telling me that his name is Mitch.

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I left Zagreb after breakfast three days after my arrival and trip to Belgrade took between four and five hours. It was nice day and I went for lunch soon after checking in my hotel. Short walk along pedestrian zone in the central part of the city and then back to hotel to finish few things, check e-mail etc. Checking e-mail etc. took some time and I decided to have afternoon nap before leaving hotel again. Number of gay venues in Belgrade is slightly higher than in Zagreb and one of them was just 10 minutes walk from my hotel. I got up pretty late and firstly was not sure if I really want to leave my bed and hotel room and go out. Decided to have a dinner in a restaurant that was roughly half way between hotel and the gay club I was thinking of visiting. That gave me option to think about going out or not while having dinner. During dinner I was thinking about Mitch and missed opportunity to get to know him better in Zagreb. After dinner I decided to walk to the club hoping I might meet someone handsome like Mitch and have a bit more luck this time.

The club was quite large with several areas and dance floors and was quite busy when I arrived. Grabbed my drink at the bar and decided to walk around before picking spot good for perving. I was also hoping it will get me in the mood as I did not feel like clubbing tonight. Someone called my name as I was walking through the crowd but I did not think he is calling me as I don’t know anyone in the town so I continued till someone’s hand touched my shoulder while calling my name again. I turned around and right there was Mitch with big smile. Wow! I could not even dream about this happening. We walked back to the bar and got a drink for Mitch before moving to relatively quiet corner in the club. Conversation was still hard as Mitch struggled to understand me in the noise but we resorted to body language after holding hands and then exploring each other discretely and without breaking norms of decent behaviour. We finished our drinks and I suggested going outside so we can have some conversation but what I really wanted is to suggest going to my room. Mitch followed me across the bar while holding my hand. We finally got out of the club and looked around and I made suggestion to go to my room. Mitch did not want to go to hotel as he would have to register at the reception but he suggested going to his apartment. I was not sure about going to stranger’s apartment in a foreign country where nobody knew me and nobody knew about me going to his place. However, he was so sexy and responsive while touching each other in the club so I decided to take a risk.

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Taxi ride was no longer than 10 minutes and apartment was on the second floor. Mitch unlocked the door in a hurry and we walked in small apartment and locked door behind us. I have a rule of starting seduction as soon as coming in the room or apartment and I turned him around and started kissing him while holding him firmly in my hands. He responded and let me take full control while holding his arms around my neck. He moaned as we undressed each other while moving towards the bedroom. Way he was responding indicated that he is nice bottom and I was really happy and pushy in the bed. When things got really heated he pleaded “Clean first pleas. I passive” Well, that confirmed we are perfect match. We had a shower together but he pushed me out of his rather small bathroom while saying again “Clean. I passive”. I made myself comfortable on the bed and he appeared from bathroom after a while and I could see him from distance – beautiful body and neatly trimmed pubic hair. He turned light off before coming to bed.

You imagine the rest. I can only say that he was absolutely fabulous in bed. He liked firm but gentle partner exactly the same way I like treating my partners. We spent next five days together as I extended my stay in Belgrade till last moment. We are still in touch over e-mail and I am planning to get him over to Bangkok soon. Till then I have several photos of him. Yes, I will share them with you (he approved it by the way).

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