Burmese Buddhism at the Maha Sasana Ramsi

Balestier Road 25

Burmese Buddhist Temple 3

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Some 89 % of the Burmese population follows Buddhism, here is an interesting CIA Fact File documentary on Buddhism, culture and politics in Burma in the 1950s.

Buddhism is thought to have been in Burma for some 2000 years. Stories of its arrival on Burmese land vary. Among the various genesis stories include one in the 5th century with the Indian ruler Ashoka sending two ordained bhikkus and a following of monks and religious text to the land of Suvarnabhumi to evangelise the people there, inscriptions of Buddhist worship date back to the 3rd century. There are no archaeological finds beyong the 3rd century and that portion of history is based on faith and tradition.

The predominant form of buddhism in Burma is the Theravada form which is based on a canon written down by the elder monks. Here’s a short clip from a British documentary on Theravada Buddhism.


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