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Makan Place – Royal J’s Fried Porridge


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Foch Road branches out from Lavender Road and is home to a large number of nightclubs and KTV lounges.

Foch Road 1Foch Road 2As with nightlife spots, there is always good food to be had. At the end of the Foch Road is the Royal J Seafood Stall. Originating from Ipoh, Malaysia, the stall specialises in Fried Porridge and basically funky and good food.

Royal J Seafood 1Yes, fried porridge. A bit like a fried ice cream and deep fried mars bars. It doesn’t compute.

But it tastes sooo good…

Royal J Seafood was the first in Singapore to sell fried porridge. Ipoh-born Chef-owner John fries the porridge with yam cubes, shrimp, cuttlefish, dark sauce  and yam cubes and then tops the dish with sesame seeds, chives, pork lard and deep-fried shallots.

The end product is heavenly. Thick, starchy, flavourful and filling.

Royal J Seafood 2Royal J Seafood 3As I wrote above, Royal J specialises in funky and good food. So it’s…

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