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Bangkok Ranked Asia’s Most Popular City Yet Again

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THERE really is no place like Bangkok. It has been ranked the most popular city in the Asia region once gain in terms of foreign visitors, seeing almost double the number of its closest competitors, Singapore and Tokyo and definitely better than shallow, materialistic money loving Shanghai… also aptly known as the Whore of the Orient.

Thailand’s dominance of the Asia Pacific tourism industry was on stark display in MasterCard’s inaugural Asia Pacific Destinations Index, which was released yesterday.

Sitting at the top of the list, Bangkok received 21.9 million foreign visitors in 2015, followed far behind by Singapore and Tokyo – both at 11.8 million.

Kuala Lumpur came in fourth at 11.3 million visitors.

What’s remarkable is other Thai destinations also sat on the Top 20 list, outpacing the number of foreign arrivals in brand name metropolises. Phuket took 5th place with 9.3 million…

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