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Kyoto part 1: black sesame, beauty and a beer

salt with your coffee


Everyone raves about Kyoto…

Pretty much whenever I asked a fellow traveller “Hello fellow traveller, what was your favourite place in Japan?”  They would say something like “Gosh, that’s a tough one Kirstie, but I would probably have to say Kyoto”.  (I think it’s best if you imagine this exchange is occuring on Blind Date.  I’m Cilla, obviously.)

Having been there, I must admit this wouldn’t be my answer.  Hakone, Tokyo or the Kumano Kodo would be.  You may say I can’t pick three, but hey, my blog, my rules.  I’ve gone mad with power.

Somehow I found everything a bit too clean and packaged.  Shiny shopping streets with Christmas lights twinkling away, perfectly manicured temples and gardens, plenty of tourists.  Everything was just a bit too nice.  Not to knock it though.  I mean, we had a nice time during our two whirlwind days there…

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