Let’s get real, people. Chemsex is happening whether we like it or not. Now you can bury your head in the sand and pretend that it’s simply going to stop or you can get behind GMFA and others to do our best to support the men who are using chems to: 1) do chems as safely as possible and 2) get support if needed. Telling people not to do chems or making people feel like they are ‘fucked up’ because they partake in chemsex helps no-one. Ian Howley, Editor @IanHowley

If you’re doing chems, the best way to stay safe is to know more about what you’re taking. Find out everything you need to know:

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I hope in two years time that if we decide to run another chemsex feature we are at a point where the gay community has taken control of the situation. Chemsex exists and we need to take control of it if we really value ourselves, our community and our health. 

Until next time.

Ian Howley, Editor @IanHowley

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