TOURISTS from all over the world are flocking to a tiny French seaside town where nothing is left to the imagination

Formerly clothes free life visit our new home

The world’s biggest nude town: Where getting your kit off is mandatory and swingers emerge after dark

Welcome to The Village Naturiste at Cap d’Agde, once a simple olive grove but today a magnet for nudists all over the world, swelling to a population of 40,000 shameless individuals in the warmest months.

So how did this sleepy spot in the French countryside turn into the freeballing capital of the world? Back in the 50s France was recovering from WWII and in need of a holiday. So when the olive-growing Oltra family of Cap d’Agde suddenly found their land overrun with skinny dippers and nude sunbathers they decided to get in on the action.

After attaining an official ‘nude’ designation for their land back in the 60s, the Oltra Club became a popular caravan spot for nudist families from Germany and The Netherlands.

When some of the holiday-makers built houses nearby…

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