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The Pu Kar Laos at East Coast Road

The Heartlander Tourist

East Coast Road is full of colour and character. You can find beautiful stories and little surprises at every corner. That was what I noticed as I was walking down the road.

150 East Coast Road 1The roads sign doesn’t say much, just some residential units in a small alleyway, and its easy to miss it until you turn and look.

There are known as the pu kar laos in teochew.

150 East Coast Road 2Short and stocky shophouses, these shophouses are lifted off the ground because each of these houses has a basement and the lifted living area was useful to protect against rising tides. Although the beach is gone, the hosues are still available for rent/sale.  They are beautiful with their pastel shades (in my view).

150 East Coast Road 3150 East Coast Road 4The inspiration for these houses seem to be seaside homes in Brighton in the UK, because these houses were formerly next to a former seawall (all the HDBs south of…

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