Martin and Jay – Winter idyllic

Martin is a local guy living in Slovenia, in capital Ljubljana. Every winter he spends four weeks working in on of ski resorts in a tiny beautiful country on the southern side of Alps. Last season he was employed by a small boutique hotel in Vogel and became good friend with the local photographer. Only towards the end of Martin’s stay in Vogel they realised they are both gays. There was no physical attractions between them but they stayed in touch and Martin return to work in the same hotel in Vogel the following season.

Vogel is very busy during winter season and casual workers try to get as much work so they can save some money while still managing to have some recreational time on the ski slopes.

Martin was working as a waiter in the morning for breakfast and then as a barman in the evenings leaving him free between Midday and late afternoon every day. He is 19 now and study interior design in Ljubljana. His parents still don’t know that he is gay but his older sister knows and is fine with that. He is not type going out much and was struggling to find someone for companionship and some fun together. The fact that he was not out was not very helpful in relatively small capital of Slovenia and Martin was not quite happy with his sexual life but he coped as many other guys in similar situation there.

Two days after Martin arrival to Vogel and start of his work in the hotel backpacker from London walked in the bar and started chatting with Martin while having his drink at the bar. His name was Jay. He was looking for some casual work while staying in the resort and Martin offered to ask his boss if there is anything available. Jay was not typical butch type by appearance but he appealed to Martin because of his confidence, easy going openness and some sort of gentle roughness. Bar manager arrived a bit later and offered job to Jay as season was getting into its busiest time of the year. Jay left the bar sometime around mid-evening to find a place to stay while in Vogel.

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Martin spent the rest of the evening thinking about Jay. There was something he liked about that guy and was happy they will be working together from tomorrow on. He did not know if Jay is gay or not but somehow was hoping for that.

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Martin was enjoying a coffee with his local photographer friend in the small cafe and spotted Jay walking past. He got out and invited Jay to come in for a coffee or a drink with him and his friend. Jay accepted the invitation and three of them had interesting afternoon. Jay was open about being gay and asked if there is any good gay spot in the resort. Vogel is very gay friendly resort but did not have any particularly gay venues. Jay’s openness encouraged Martin and his photographer friend to disclose their sexual preferences. Martin could not believe his luck and was hoping that Jay would be interested in him and could not hide it while smiling and observing every part of Jay’s body. Jay was not going to stay very long in the cafe as he was looking for cheaper accommodation in the town and was hoping to find something before going to work that afternoon. Martin was renting room from his photographer friend and was not sure if offering Jay to stay with him would be right thing to do considering that room had only one single bed and not much space to move another bed in. He was not sure if his friend would agree with having two tenants in that small room so Jay left to go and try to find room for himself. Martin’s friend sensed what he was thinking about and made suggestions half jokingly that Jay could share a bed with him. Martin was thrilled with the offer.

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Martin was not sure how to suggest sharing a bed to Jay but as busy night progressed they got to talk about Jay’s accommodation and it turned that he could not find anything suitable that afternoon. Martin mentioned that he rents small room at his friend’s house but there is only one bed there. Jay slapped Martin’s bum and asked “What is problem with that?” laughing. Martin’s face went red even that nobody noticed what happened. Jay slapped his bum again while laughing and said “I hope that shy boy is bottom”. Martin did not answer but he could feel himself melting on the floor – what a perfect match that was!

You can guess the rest of the story. Photographer friend was not only great host but boys got away with not having to pay the rent if he could make some photos of them having fun.

For those of you who are really curious – Martin in now living with Jay in London and will be graduating next year. They regularly visit his parents in Ljubljana who proved to be very accepting of the young couple.

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