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Rating American Workplaces on Lesbian,

Gay, Bisexual and Trans-gender Equality



While many Americans are getting to know the trans-gender community for the first time,
Corporate America has long been a leader in the fight for trans-gender inclusion.
Even after two significant revisions resulting in more stringent criteria, this is the highest number of 100 percent-rated businesses in the entire history of the CEI.

Rating System and Methodology

The HRC Foundation Corporate Equality Index criteria serve as a road map for major U.S.
businesses’ adoption of inclusive policies, practices and benefits for LGBT employees.
Launched in 2002, the CEI is the nationally recognized benchmarking report for businesses
to gauge their level of LGBT workplace inclusion against competitors.
In addition to growing the number of highly-rated employers, the CEI has seen success in
the reach of the survey.
The number of employers rated from the first CEI to the present has expanded from 319 to 781, encompassing all major industry sectors and geographic regions of the U.S

What Businesses Are Rated

The largest and most successful U.S. employers are invited to participate in the CEI and are
identified through the following lists:
●Fortune magazine’s 1,000 largest publicly traded businesses (2013 Fortune 1000) and
●American Lawyer magazine’s top 200 revenue-grossing law firms (2013 AmLaw 200).
Additionally, any private-sector, for-profit employer with 500 or more full-time U.S. employees can request to participate.

How Ratings Are Used

The CEI is the primary source of data for two key HRC Foundation resources aimed at LGBT
and allied consumers, employees, shareholders and prospective employees. They are:
●HRC Foundation Employer Search, a free online database of thousands of private and public sector U.S. employers available at
●Buying for Workplace Equality 2015, a consumer-oriented guide based on CEI
ratings, available at Coinciding with the start of the
winter holiday and shopping season, the guide is distributed via print, online and
smartphone applications to thousands of LGBT consumers — estimated to have a
cumulative spending power of $830 billion, according to Witeck Communications
market research. This accessible reference has given over 1 million consumers
easy access to the CEI ratings corresponding to recognizable consumer brands.


Businesses that achieve a rating of 100 percent in this report are recognized as “Best Places to Work for LGBT Equality” and are welcome to use this distinction in their recruitment and marketing efforts.
Please follow the LINK to access the full Report.

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