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Expats Now Living in Phuket, While Commuting & Working in Singapore




Expatriates in Southeast Asia are relocating their families to Phuket and commuting to work in major cities nearby such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok during the week, before returning to the tropical island on weekends.

Phuket’s international airport has made it easier for them to do this.

Kevin Hodges, the North Branch and Investments Manager for Siam Real Estate, said that living standards, cost of living expenses and infrastructure in Phuket are a major draw for families who would otherwise be living in much smaller and more expensive properties. This is especially true in cities like Singapore and Hong Kong.

These days, it is possible for a family to own or rent a four-plus bedroom villa with a private pool and other amenities in Phuket at close to the same price of a two-bedroom condo in Singapore. This is a major factor to consider for families who need additional space and amenities, as well as privacy.

Phuket has a number of international-standard medical facilities, improving infrastructure, beaches, numerous leisure activities, a low cost of living and a growing expat community that is making it more feasible for people to live there and work further afield, noted Hodges.

Another draw for families relocating to Phuket is the growing number of international schools found on the island. It’s reported that there are now 13 such schools on the island, with 10 established in the past decade. Demand for places in international schools from both expats and Thai families is greater than ever before and a number of these schools are expanding.

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