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Advertising targeting LGBT people – Hallmark Stars Gay, Lesbian Couples in New Valentine’s Day Ads



To advertise greeting cards for Valentine’s Day this year, Hallmark released multiple videos of couples sharing their love stories. Among them: a gay and a lesbian couple


One of those six couples was Robin and Jason, two men raising a baby girl together.


Another couple, LaParis and Karisia, told the story of how they were “smitten” with each other at first sight when they met at a club. Like Jason and Robin, LaParis and Karisia also exchanged a Hallmark card before kissing.

To Hallmark’s credit, this is not the first time it has used same-sex couples in its campaigns. For Valentine’s Day in 2015, it ran an online film featuring a lesbian couple. It also produces card for same-sex couples around Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.
Hallmark’s latest campaign may be considered to push the envelope, given that it doesn’t shy away from showing gay people kissing and showing affection to one another – something that other brands have largely resisted.

In a statement about the campaign, Rob Reeder, Hallmark marketing manager of greetings, said, ‘Valentine’s Day prompts people to care enough to say what’s truly in their hearts.

‘As demonstrated by this campaign, our Valentine’s Day cards help people find the words to express themselves in a deeper, more meaningful way than with a text or post.

‘Hallmark seeks to help people emotionally connect, in every life, every day. With this campaign, we are highlighting the ‘every life’ aspect of our mission, as we share the caring stories of all kinds of couples because love is love.’



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