SEX TIPS – Should You Have Sex With Your Ex?

Many people will say that they had sex with their ex and it “just happened.” But having sex isn’t like tripping on your shoelaces.

It doesn’t just happen, people have to make it happen. So when we say it “just happened” what we usually mean is that we didn’t want to think too much about it, so we went along.

This can be fine, but it can also leave us feeling like we really wish we didn’t just have the sex we had.

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‘No one should die alone, and no one should be in the hospital on their death beds with family calling to say “this was gods punishment”. My friends and I, men and women, acted as a protective layer for ill friends, and companion to mutual friends juggling the same, difficult reality of trying to be there, and be strong when we were losing our family right and left. Difficult times, that should never be forgotten.’

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