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Bangkok: the busy Thai capital that never goes to bed

Of course we had a few drinks there… just the start for a great night out in the gay bars!

The Scruffy Italian Traveller

Bangkok is a truly busy city… that never sleeps!

Whatever you are looking for, you will find it in this huge capital, virtually 24/7!

I arrived in Bangkok in October 2015 as my first stop of my 3 months long journey around Southeast Asia, and at first I felt a bit nervous and lost… Bangkok is a really big capital, always busy, full of people everywhere… and traffic gems!

But I have to admit, I ended up loving Bangkok… The city is the main hub of Southeast Asia, fully connected with all over the world, as well as with all of the main cities of the region. For this reason, the best option to explore SE Asia is to fly in and out of Bangkok… thus, I have been back a few times to this capital, every time discovering new bits of the city and new ways to enjoy its frenetic lifestyle!

Gios at the Emerald Buddha Temple in Bangkok Gios…

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