Adele’s ‘Hello’ music video reimagined as a lesbian romance



The music video for Adele’s comeback single “Hello” was beautiful enough in itself, but has officially been rivalled by a filmmaker’s LGBT take on its story


Sal Bardo originally shot the footage for “Great Escape” by Paper Rings, before fans edited it over Cleber Fleith’s cover of the chart-topping hit to give poignant fresh context to its meaning.

Bard’s short follows an older woman as she dreams about leaving her husband to reconnect with a past female lover she regrets breaking up with. Touching memory flashbacks show the lesbian couple playing in a river together in years gone by, before they finally meet again and emotionally embrace on a wintery footpath.

Viewers of the video, posted on YouTube, have described it as “heartbreaking”, “brilliant” and a “perfect example of how much we are starved for LGBT representation in our mainstream culture”.

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In this version, an older woman appears to leave her sleeping husband, packing her bags and preparing to go away forever. She removes her wedding ring as she walks out of the door.

Traveling through the winter, she remembers her past relationship with a woman – the one that got away.

The final moments, where they meet once again, are incredibly moving and is a powerful portrayal of LGBTI relationships.

Cleber Fleith edited the footage from Paper Ring’s music video Great Escape for the re-imagining.


  1. wow, that video is beautiful and very powerful…..I cannot remember the last time that I cried to a lesbian video being a gay man….absolutely wonderful…
    thanks for sharing it with all of us….


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