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Felipe Tozzi by Eduardo Bravin

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Fashionably Male

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Photographer Eduardo Bravin hanging out with Felipe Tozzi (Ragazzo MGMT).

I’m obsessed with Brazilian Photographer and handsome Eduardo Bravin, I know, I admit it. But first of all we want to congratulated because is one of a kind. His style, his unique way of capture, single motions, capturing ideas, capturing emotions, capturing sexiness, lensed a clear way to expressing his feelings, and also he lensed model’s feelings, I don’t know how he does get that. But when he clicked on his cam, turning into something very special. Last summer 2013, Bravin photographed beauty male model Felipe Tozzi represented by Ragazzo Model Management. A clearly example of what we are talking about. Tozzi expressing his natural nude body, and Bravin captured immediately to not lose any chance of this. We are hoping to get more of this in this Summer 2014.

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