I am glad to see one of LGBT leading publications (Pink News) has touched on the current tragedy of thousands of refugees trying to reach safety of European continent. We cannot claim any victories in fight for equality till human rights are guaranteed to everyone regardless of their race, religion, nationality, gender, political beliefs and sexual preferences….


Out Katie Hopkins

Petition launched to swap Katie Hopkins for 50,000 refugees

A petition has been launched to replace the scathing TV star with thousands of desperate refugees.

The petition – launched on – lists a number of reasons why the government and British population should consider ridding the country of Hopkins.

“The UK, however, has currently not got the space for refugees,” writes Ben Fletcher, who started the petition.

“This is not because we are full – it is because Kate Hopkins massive head takes it all up.”

“So I propose we swap Hopkins and send her to Syria, a country where I am sure she would be welcome, and instead take in 50,000 refugees,” he says – before explaining the reasons behind his idea.

“The facts are, they deserve a lot more than she does, and it would be a win win all round, we help people and save their lives and at the same time get rid of the UK’s contribution to the hall of national embarrassments.”

Ms Hopkins may want to start packing – the petition has already achieved 6,300 of the 7,500 supporters needed.

The petition comes in the wake of increased refugee numbers fleeing Syria and other countries – many of whom are members of the LGBT community – where they are at risk of murder, torture and destitution.

But while many people throughout Europe have opened up their homes to the refugees, motormouth Ms Hopkins has previously shared her disdain for those desperately seeking safety.

Following the horrifying images of three year-old Syrian refugee Aylan Al-Kurdi lying dead on a Turkish beach, there have been fresh calls for venomous Ms Hopkins to apologise for her controversial article “Rescue boats? I’d use gun ships on migrants”.

Twitter users have slammed the “hated-filled” star for failing to retract her previous comments made in April.

“Show me pictures of coffins, show me bodies floating in water, play violins and show me skinny people looking sad,” she wrote.

“I still don’t care”.

Hopkins has previously claimed that gay and lesbian couples shouldn’t be allowed fertility treatment on on the NHS – and described diversity officers as “lunatics”.

Earlier this year she rejected claims that she “gatecrashed” the British LGBT Awards – sharing her VIP invitation after organisers claimed that she wasn’t invited.

Hopkins also previously claimed Tom Daley’s coming out was “lame”, saying: “It was really lame… we all knew he was gay.”

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