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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Gosh darling viewers I know I’m overdue – but better late than never.  I was going to start this yesterday but after 9 brief but very annoying power cuts I decided to hold off.  My computer is a bit like moi…..well used but easy to re-start.  I just got too annoyed having to re-boot everything after the fifth power cut.

So this week’s blog is all about respect, climate change and crocodiles.  Honestly pets it’s been so quiet this month that there’s nothing really much to talk about.

But that leads me to climate change.  August is generally our wettest month of the year and consequently the quietest.  Unfortunately this year we have experienced our hottest and driest August since I arrived.

In the past two weeks the temperature has been hovering in the mid 30’s with the cloud cover building up and then blowing over.  Nearly every day has been a scorcher and we have had only two significant downpours in the past fortnight.

We were expecting that our park across the road would benefit from the continual soaking but this hasn’t proven to be true.  The scorching days soak up any rain and the ground is still as hard as a rock.  That’s why our planting project has not gone as quickly as we had hoped.  So far we have planted 8 trees, but had to dig about 12 holes as we kept running into concrete which had been bulldozed into the ground when they demolished the houses 2 years ago.

Out of 8 trees, 7 have survived and will hopefully grow into a lovely shady oasis before the wet season ends.  We still have 2 more trees to plant but are waiting for another wet day as otherwise it is almost impossible to get a shovel into the ground.  On top of that friends of ours have promised us more plants so before too long we should have a beautiful tropical garden blooming directly opposite River Queen!

Talking of tropical gardens sweetie darlings, we enjoyed a fabulous evening with friends last week.  Two absolutely over the top gay friends who have recently started a tropical plant nursery.  Now believe it or not, but it is almost impossible to find a ‘typical tropical garden’ anywhere in Cambodia.  Well these guys have really done it.  They go to Thailand to buy plants as both the choice and quality of plants here is very limited.

Anyhoo, it was our first visit, and besides having a great night with old and new friends, the garden was an absolute delight.  Full of wonderful plants and flowers and scents.  It is what you imagine Cambodia should be like but the reality is quite different – my father’s garden in the Central Coast in Sydney is more tropical than any garden I have seen here.  That is until we visited our friends. Oh and their neighbour has 4 concrete pools full of ginormous crocodiles…..almost as big as the ones we have in Oz.  If you are here in Siem Reap and want some great, quality plants check out Richard David Evans on Facebook.

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