Homosexuality and The Church


Well, it’s official, gay people can get married and OH BOY, the church is going crazy.  As a Christian and a person involved in the arts, I have a wide variety of friends from that absolute homophobic preacher to the super prideful lesbian/gay flag wearing dude and my Facebook has been burning up.

As I mentioned in Laugh Out Loud TuEsdays: LEsbian ProblEms (Top 5), my best friend is a lesbian and though that blog was meant to be funny, today’s blog is meant to be a little more serious.  Unlike many people within the church, knowing my best friend since birth has afforded me an inside look into the mind and heart of a young woman who is a lesbian.  Not only is she a lesbian, but she is also a Christian, which has been an extremely difficult journey for her.

Growing up in church, we were taught that…

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