ADVERTISING TARGETING LGBT PEOPLE – Gay Condom Ad Shows Danger of Leaving a ‘Back Door Unprotected’

erotic nude

By: Daniel Reynolds

A lot can go wrong when you leave your “back door unprotected.”

Something could sneak in, like unwelcome burglars, or thieves, or an orgy of men bearing pineapples and devil horns.

Such is the premise of a sexy new ad from Stag, a condom made exclusively for gay men, which warns, “Never leave your back door unprotected.”

An e-mail from cofounder Felipe Noguerol guarantees that their product is “manufactured with the unique needs of gay men in mind,” as it is “EXTRA-lubricated” with silicone-based lube.

Interestingly, the cofounders are straight allies, who have pledged to donate 5 percent of proceeds to the AIDS Walk.

Watch their cheeky ad below, and learn more from

Who doesn’t love a commercial with gay undertones? More often than not, gays and lesbians have been used to add humor to an ad campaign. Lately though, the LGBT community is being shown in more of a positive light and not just as a punchline for a comedic commercial. Progress indeed. It truly does get better *wink*. compiled their 50 favorite gay-themed commercials from all around the world. They divided the clips into six different categories: Surprise, he/she is gay; Don’t tell Mom!; Swings both ways; Actually straight; Lesbians are hot; and Activist. I checked them all out and selected my ten favorite from their list. Check out which ones I liked below.

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