Hair Down There: To Shave or Not to Shave

no pubic hair

I personally don’t shave. However, I like those who do.
How about you? Feel free to comment


Let’s face it, boys. We care about what goes on in our pants. And I’m not just talking about “action”. We’re talking “decoration”. What you do with your best-friend-below-the-belt is just as important as how you use it. And for the more creative amongst us, “manscaping” is no longer as simple choice of opt-in or opt-out. This is now a multiple choice activity. So, let’s lower our pants, lay our cards (and our clippers) on the table and talk pubes.

Of course, there is no necessity to do anything at all with your privates. But, for those looking for a trim, you’ve got to take things into your own hands. Literally. No high street is complete without a hairdressers, but we’re not quite there with pubic-hairdressers… yet. So we must go it alone. And what’s more, us men have a rougher deal than the girls. While they have the Hollywood…

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