LGBT ARTISTS – Joseph Radoccia

Joseph Radoccia

Born 1960
American, Painter
Born into an Italo-American family in Hornel, New York, Radoccia studied art at the State University of New York at Buffalo earning a BS in graphic design in 1982. He subsequently did a year of undergraduate work at Montana State University , and then returned to Buffalo where he got his MFA in painting in 1985. The artist’s work is very much in the narrative tradition of Renaissance painting with a powerful admixture of the erotic spirit of Eastern prints. He is known for producing fully fledged “series” of paintings, richly homoerotic, with titles like Love Game, The Pillow Book, and The Four Seasons. The series called, Within The Mystery Of Shadow is based on his experiences in Madagascar which he first visited in 2001. He lives and works in New York City, New Orleans, and Madagascar .
Danny O’Connell, Joe Radoccia: The Story Teller, The Archive: The Journal of the Leslie/Lohman Gay Art Foundation vol. 4, iss. 1 (Spring 1998).

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Joseph RadocciaJoseph Radoccia

Joseph Radoccia

Joseph Radoccia

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