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by nptnavas

erotic pictureI was young, sexually naive and experiencing my first days of college. While I was free from the regimentation of high school I was still living at home since finances did not allow me to live on campus. I had worked hard through high school to earn a scholarship spending my time studying rather than dating so I knew that my social life had been stunted and as all young inexperienced boys I had only unfocused dreams of what sex could be. Every day I found myself lost more and more in wild day dreams of naked bodies doing mysterious things to each other. I was a willing victim waiting for the right person and right moment. I was a nerd of the first order and sexual repressed but one ready to explore and little did I know that it was my studious side that would open that world to me! Who knew studying for a simple chemistry test would turn me into a sexual being.

Ron, one of my classmates had asked for my help in preparing for an upcoming test and since I had always found I did better with a study partner I agreed instantly. Ron was the normal skinny kid that lived down the block and a year younger than I so we made plans to meet as we road the bus home from college. The bus dropped Ron off while I road it the few blocks to my stop and hopped off barreling, into the house dumping my gear then raiding the refrig. My mom was there happy as always to see me and when it came to the “what’s new question” I told her about Ron coming over to study for the upcoming test. An hour or so later Ron showed up and since it was ballet class Tuesday for my two sisters she headed off shortly after she met Ron leaving us to do our studying.

I grabbed a few snacks and led Ron upstairs to my room where we made ourselves comfortable at the foot of the twin beds in my room and spread out our stuff. This being the first time Ron and I had gotten together he looked around glancing at all my stuff. There on a night stand between the beds was a lamp with a small tin safe with a combination lock. Somehow it had attracted Ron’s and glancing from it to me he asked. “Does it open?” Nodding a yes I crawled over to it spun the dial right, left and right again pulling the door open. The safe’s only contents was a small box holding a childhood treasure… a Kennedy Half Dollar that my grand father had given me, sandwiched between two bits of cotton. Ron reached in and pulled that box from its depths opening the box and taking the coin from its resting spot.

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erotic pictureSmiling mischievously he then jammed my half dollar into his shorts. Over the next minutes he giggled as I tried everything I could think of to get him to give it back. I poked and teased, I demanded and begged while obstinately he playfully refused to hand it back. Our play escalated into wrestling coupled with demands that if he didn’t give it back willingly I go in after it. I thought that threat alone would get my coin returned as I definitely would not want some other guy rambling around in my pants but still nothing happened. Rod laughed at my words and struggled ineffectively as I tried to control his arms and body so I could enforce my threat.

I finally had Ron pinned and strangely his giggling had turned into an awkward muted silence. His arms were held against his sides with his hands clinched into fists, not in an aggressive posture but in a passive you’ve won kind of way. I was now sitting astride his legs and gave him my final demand. “If you don’t give it back I get it myself!” Ron did nothing but wiggle roll his shoulders back and forth. His face was strangely contorted and his arms were still held tightly to his sides with his fists closed as I worked the buckle to his belt. Ron stopped his struggling completely and became even more silent as I pulled his belt through the loops one by one.

I tossed the belt to the side and looked down at him with a challenging ‘well are you gonna give it back now?’ Still nothing not a word, not a motion so my hands went to the button of his pants, I popped the button and grabbed the zipper lowering it all the way. I looked to his face for signs that he was giving up and only found myself more confused because I did not know how to read the strange look on his face… So I did the only thing I could think of and that was to grab at his opened jeans and I struggled to pull them down off his hips so I could get into his shorts to find my coin. Ron not only didn’t put up much of a fight he actually lifted his hips so the pants would slide down easily.


Now I had Ron’s underwear exposed with his jeans down almost to his knees and then gave him a fiftieth or sixtieth final warning telling him, ‘I’ll reach in and get it myself if you don’t give it back willingly.’ Ron was frozen and I was at a loss so I took hold of the band to his little shorts and was shocked to hear him moan. An instant later I knew the true game we were playing. I tugged at the elastic band exposing his male parts only to be greeted by his young man erection. It was wildly exotic, his cock was hard, pale pink about five inches long and with a nice girth. What surprised me was how dumb I had been about the game he had playing on me and how excited I was by being tricked into this situation. The next thing that shocked me was how much seeing another guy’s hardened member affected me. Deep inside my stomach I felt a tightness and of course my dick had decided to responded on its own.

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In a heartbeat after I had exposed Ron the coin became far from the most prominent thing holding my attention. Instead I was fascinated by Ron’s dick and desperately wanted to touch it. Sitting atop his legs I reached forward and took hold of it wrapping my hand around it finding it so warm, so wonderfully rigid and yet so silky smooth at the same time. Wickedly I gave it a few strokes while I bent it left and right keeping up the game of looking for my coin. Ron just laid there letting me do anything to him I wanted. Little squeaks of pleasure erupted from him as I moved his cock about as my other hand went to his groin and lifted his balls slipping the band of his shorts under them. What a sight it was with the band forced under his nuts it put his sex was on prominent display offering it to my hungry gaze. I could not begin to tell you how insanely sexy this whole scene was but looking down at his stiff shaft I knew I wanted him totally naked. I lifted myself from his legs and proceeded to pull his jeans all the way off.


Next I removed his shorts and once the lower half of his body was naked I transferred his cock from one hand to the other so I could pull his tee shirt off his slim body. It was wildly wicked to be holding his dick in my hand while my other tugged that shirt off then once completely off I reached out to him letting that hand trace over the flesh of his torso. Deep inside I desperately wanted something but could not put words to my desire. All I could think of was how I wanted to feel his nude flesh against my own and I astonished myself as I heard my own voice begging him to undress me.

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