asian gays in speedo
I was interested to read this fascinating question on Yahoo regarding the size of Asian guys speedo bulges. And on the forum a Western swimmer staying in Japan is asking why is it that Japanese guys wearing speedos, the dominant choice of swimwear, unlike here in the West, well why is it that none of them have no noticeable bulge in their speedos at the swimming baths. He goes on to say that he has a washboard stomach as well as a very visible bulge in his speedos which makes him feel very self conscious amongst so many bulgeless men in Asia. So should he continue to wear his speedos. Well the answer to that is easy and the evidence is right there in the picture above here (four guys in speedos). The answer is that ALL Asian guys wear their cocks ‘up’ which gives that bulgeless look. Of course this has always fascinated me, after all why would you want to attire yourself in such a way that makes it look like you have absolutely nothing between your legs! You can see that question on Yahoo plus some responses HERE.

Some great photos – no pornography.

asian model






If you are curious to see it all please click on the link below. Enjoy it!

Link to full story
Link to full story

asian guys are hot


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