GAY EROTICA – “Breaking the bosses’ boy”


By Gunter Ragen, courtesy of Nifty

Chris was the perfect pastor’s kid. He’s the son of my foreman Dave I’ve worked with for many years at the construction site. In his off time he is a youth pastor as his church. Dave is known for being an all around good guy, taking bus loads of kids up to the mountains for camps and activities all year round. His
faith and his religion are very much worn on his sleeve, always preaching his creed when the opportunity rises.

erotic bodyHis son Chris is on the other hand a little devil in sheep’s clothing. The twenty year old pup still lives at home with his parents and came to work on our jobsite a year back. He’s popular and well liked, a sneaky little shit and cute as fuck. The boyish young man blossomed early with a full man’s body. He has light brown reddish hair and sparkling green eyes. He keeps his hair buzz cut and always has short face pubes. His hairy little face always gets me thinking about sexing him.
He puts on a good-boy act when his dad is around, but is quite a party animal behind his back. In fact he can be often found yukking it up with the boys at the job site about his drunken adventures. Since I work around him every day, I cant help the fact my eyes are constantly scoping his nicely stacked body, his youthful bound, and his bubbling sprit. I listen to the things he says, always reading between the lines. In his youthful folly I sometimes see an inner fag showing though when he lets his guard down. I knew one day I’d get to find out how good or bad he really is.


That chance finally came one day when we had all traveled to a corporate function out of town. Most of the management flew but some of us from the jobsite drive down there. After a couple days of team building group hugs and the latest OSHA brainwashing we were all ready to head home. Chris had ridden down with his parents but they were headed off to a few more days of vacation in another direction and had asked if Chris could ride back home with me. I of course was more than happy to oblige.

After the big lunch at the event we both got into my company truck and headed north for home. In the six hours on the road we made idle chit chat about work and other crap. He proudly bragged about partying a bit at the company event, sneaking some beer when his folks weren’t watching. Ah rebel youth. My brain was contemplating how to get my cock in his ass and finally a plan came to mind. It was getting dark and we were hungry so I found an exit where plenty of brightly lit signs stood out of a dirty run down cluster of buildings along the highway.

We ate at a truck stop and had a couple beers over dinner. Having just turned twenty he was jazzed I was buying him beer. After that we went walking back to the truck and I suggested we get a motel room next door and get drunk instead of drive the remaining five hours home tonight. He of course was all for that. We drove a block down the street to the liquor store and got a twelve pack of Budweiser and a pint of tequila. I knew if the beer didn’t smash him loose the tequila would. After that we checked into the motel.

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After getting to the room I immediately started to take a shower. Chris laid on the bed watching TV and began hitting the beer at a pretty good clip. He was on a mission to get fucked up. When done with the shower I opened the bathroom door to let the steam out while I shaved. I then took a deliberate walk out into the room in the buff to grab some clothes I “forgot” from my suitcase. I walked my six foot 190lb hairy frame by him to gauge his reaction. As my eight inch cock hung soft I bent over and gave him a show while I rifled through my stuff and pulled out a worn sweat pants.

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