GAY EROTICA – ‘The Shop Assistant’

After years spent writing this blog, and other gay erotic stories that I was too shy to post, it was suggested to me (by a fuck buddy, post hook-up, if you insist on asking) that I should publish one of them to see if you guys enjoy it as much as he did. Here is my gay erotic story for you to judge it.

So here we have it- ‘The Shop Assistant’! It’s all about an, erm, shop assistant who helps a young jock out in more ways than one. Here’s the blurb:

Aaron didn’t expect much when he’d gone to the department store one sunny morning to buy new underwear.

Possibly a rude shop assistant? Certainly some overpriced briefs.

Instead what he got was an eye opening, cherry popping experience in the changing rooms, where a confident gay shop assistant is determined to make sure the teenager’s new jockstrap fits just right- using all the tools at his disposal.

Here’s a taster of the story below, check it out. If it gets your boner hard and your balls eager to unload, here’s info on how to get the whole thing!

Aaron slammed his muddy football boots onto his bedroom floor. Dry mud wafted in a cloud across the carpet. He winced. Another molehill his father would turn into a mountain. Another reason to shout at him.

This time mud on the floor, last time forgetting to pick up milk, the time before that a forgotten trash bag… the reasons seemed to grow more mundane the older he got.

He was only nineteen- how did his father expect him to behave responsibly? Picking up groceries on the weekend wasn’t something you asked your teenage gay son to do.

He belonged outside, having fun with his friends, or kicking a ball about the park. If his father didn’t expect so much out of him he wouldn’t have to be disappointed all the time.

It’s not like he could enjoy himself in the week. He was at college all day and either at football practice or studying in the evening. What little time he had left was spent zoning out in front of his Xbox or trying to jerk off in the bathroom as quietly as he could.

And now that he was thinking about it… That reflex of a tingle had just started in his balls- he could do with blowing a load right now. Exercise always made him horny and his half hard cock was eagerly pressing against his underwear.

Over the past six years he’d got his technique down to a fine art; he could go from having a soft dick to splashing thick, teenage cum against the bathroom tiles in under two minutes.

It was a necessary skill for a horny gay teenage boy, when he never knew how long he was going to get before his father was banging on the bathroom door demanding a shower.

He wished he could pull down his waistband and slowly stroke his cock out a load onto his flat abs right here and now, but his brother was in the bathroom and his father viewed a closed bedroom door as a begging invitation to disturb whatever he was up to inside.

In frustration Aaron flopped onto his single bed. He rolled back and thrust his legs into the air so that he could reach up and pull off his sports socks. He took a second to marvel at how hairy his legs were getting; in the past few years the hair had grown darker and coarser.

He was quite proud of the fact they were already formed of hard muscle from all the hours of running around a football field. They were looking like the legs of a man.

Next off came his football jersey. If only that dusting of hair between his pecs would get the message and man up too, he thought to himself.

Hanging out in just his shorts was helping him cool down from this morning’s exercise; an optional Saturday football class that he attended without fail. Now he could enjoy the burn in his muscles fading away, chill out in front of his Xbox and…maybe jerk off …

“Aaron!” called his father from downstairs.

To read the story click on the Link

Your comments are welcome and appreciated! Depending on your response we will post more (or less) of this type of gay erotica.


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