GAY ARTIST – Kinu Sekigushi

Kinu Sekigushi
Kinu Sekigushi

kinusekigushi_gay drawings_02Kinu Sekigushi, born in Besançon, is a french artist living in Paris. He has begun drawing after he graduated in graphic design and immediately showed some ephebes with triumphant sexuality, very natural in their homosexuality. Self-taught in drawing, he began his career in ” yaoï manga ” and illustrates his passion for graphism and publishing through several exhibitions, notably in Besançon, Toulon, Paris, Lyon, Milano, Köln and Barcelona.

Although he puts this manga culture forward, he created his own style and is now a reference in gay drawing. The variety of his influences, such as animation movies and comics, reflects his openness on the world. He especially illustrates emotions, in a suggested sensuality and soft erotism, in contrast with the virility of his characters.

Kinu Sekigushi - drawing
Kinu Sekigushi – drawing

kinu-sekigushi-cellulo-originalHis perfectionism, but also his sensibility and the originality of his technique, combining traditional drawing and computer graphics, have been unanimously acknowledged and earned him many publications in international press as well as 2 TV reports.

His drawings, gathered in a worldwide sold artbook, are regularly printed on different materials such as comic strips, postcards, posters, books, CDs, calendars and flyers. Kinu has, among other things, drawn the cover of Ysa Ferrer’s CD ” Imaginaire Pur Reloaded “, out all over Europe in 2009.



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