30 Ways To Be A Better Boyfriend To Your Man


Everyone wants the perfect boyfriend, but sadly they don’t exist without reciprocation. There are many ways we can strive to be the best man we can be, which is always going to strengthen the bonds we have with our man. Whether you think so or not, a boyfriend has certain responsibilities to uphold. Here are just a few:

#1) Be a man he’s proud to show off.

I always say be the type of guy you want to marry. No one wants to date a man with zero goals, zero social skills, and makes zero effort at bettering himself. Everyone has flaws, but it takes a strong man to know how to turn his flaws into strengths. If you cannot be proud of yourself, how can you expect your boyfriend to be?

#2) Challenge him without being aggressive.

Being in a relationship requires you to reveal sensitive sides of your personality. A great partner challenges you to broaden your horizons and perspectives, but never to the extent of being a bully or pushing buttons that shouldn’t be pressed. Allow him wiggle room to find new avenues and ideas without overly pursuing it. Give him opportunities to rise to a new level.

#3) Let him know you’re his.

Too many of us make our man feel like he’s ours, but fail to remind him that we’re his. A man needs to feel secure within the confines of the partnership. When he senses his boyfriend is on a really lose leash, he might start feeling insecure. Reaffirm your devotion every single day

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#4) When another dude checks you out, grab your man and start kissing him.

I once dated a guy who was a million times hotter than me, and believe me, everyone checked him out. One night we were out in WeHo and super hottie would not stop staring at him from across the room (one of many). I started to get a little weird because it was so obvious, but you know what he did? He stared back at him, then, in a swift confident move, pulled me in and gave me the sexiest kiss you can imagine. Afterwards, he looked back at the guy, who at this point knew he was part of the joke, and kept his arm around me the rest of the night. I never felt so validated!

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