Gay/Straight/Love/Hate Cambodia


Get ready darling viewers this ones going to be full of exciting news as yet again I’ve had a time of triumphs and tragedies.  It’s just all little bits of history repeating.

I left you last organizing my fifth Clean up Temple Town event, which we participated in on the 31st of May.  A total triumph, with over 1800 people involved and so successful that I got a phone call from one of my ‘5 star friends’ telling me that the Minister of Tourism had given our group a personal compliment as to the ‘great work and changes we have made in Siem Reap’

God knows how I did it though pets.  The night before River Queen hosted yet another fantastic get together.  This time we screened Eurovision and had a crowd of about 20 friends gathered.  It was a great night of cheesy music, lots of drinking, not too mention eating my first ‘happy pizza’ (which was a hoot) and terrible dressing.  Of course I looked fabulous in my brown silk punjabi shirt with silver thread and matching shorts and a little black and tan Hmong hat.

I was Azerbaijan, mainly because I figured nobody would have a clue as to how Azerbaijan’s dressed, which of course they didn’t.  My good friend and ex dance floor companion from way back in the 1990’s came as a gypsy queen and won second prize and our (now resident) Scottish friend got the award for the most outrageous performance (mainly due to the copious amounts of alcohol he consumed combined with eating too much happy pizza).

Anyhoo the following morning I managed to crawl around the riverside with a group of about 12 people collecting rubbish in 40 degree heat.  Not a pretty sight possums!  Covered in sweat and river mud and stumbling around until we all started passing out from heat exhaustion.

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