Coming Out: The Sexual Part

My 21st Year and Beyond

As promised, I mentioned that there was a part of me that was very sexually curious when I first came out.  When telling you this experience I’m giggling to myself the whole time, so feel free to laugh along.

For years I’d been lying to others and myself about my affections for the female anatomy.  There is one thing you should know about me; when i commit to something I really commit.  When I was a senior in high school I decided it was time for me to become a man (apparently that means having sex).  Being 17 and confused, I lost my virginity on my futon to a immature and readily available girl.  I’m not saying that she was a slut exactly, she just liked to do it.  That lasted for about two weeks then I had to get out, my dick was into it. For the next 2…

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