Gay/Straight/Love/Hate Cambodia


Sunday, May 31, 2015

Late, late, late, late, late darling viewers.  Who cares?  You do, I know so my apologies but as you’ll see I’ve hardly had time to come up for breath……

201411_RiverQueenHotel_01What a time it’s been pets!  A fortnight of triumphs and tragedies.  Triumphs for moi and tragedies for some of my wonderful Khmer friends and families. I’ve been up to my eyeballs organizing events, raising funds and rubbing shoulders with the in crowd.

It’s low season and with a dearth of guests we decided to host a drinks night at River Queen Guesthouse to celebrate Gay Pride Cambodia week.  This was mainly because everything being celebrated was all scheduled in Phnom Penh.  So we got a few friends of board and organized a night of drinking and dancing which turned out to be a spectacular success.  I’m definitely the hostess with the mostest and with less than 3 days to organize pulled off a fabulous night with about 30 people attending and half a dozen gorgeous Khmer boys to add a little bit of glamour.  It was a great night where we met lots of new friends, got to know casual acquaintances better and finished up with a dozen or so of us chatting and laughing into the early hours of the morning.
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